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The Sustainable Development Organisation researches and supports policy that encourages dematerialised growth based on analysis demonstrating that digital technologies are key to achieving a carbon‐neutral economy. We promote state-backed infrastructure projects to implement high-bandwidth fibre networks and other technology, recognising that future urban development is inevitable but that such growth needs to be smart, dematerialised and state-incentivised if it is to be planned, sustainable and low‐carbon.

The Sustainable Development Organisation have convened a major international conference with industry groups, investment funds and corporations to look at the steps needed for collaboration and advocacy to establish the economic and environmental policies needed to encourage investment in progressive, innovative and carbon-neutral growth. Amongst the groups represented were Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Climate Bonds Initiative, European Renewable Energies Federation, Children's Investment Fund Foundation, Greenpeace, Tellus Mater Foundation, Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change, PWC, Aviva, UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association, Novo Nordisk, PWC, ShareAction, Union of Concerned Scientists, UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association and others